Welcome to the documentation for the (Neo)Cities maps project.

¿What is this?

It's a (Kinda) new way of displaying and interacting with content in a webpage.
The idea is, instead of just using buttons and plain html to navigate a page, you can create a little "game like '' map, where users can explore your content in a more interesting way. And that exploring part is one of the most important ideas behind this project, you can create an adventure out of your page.

¿What can i do with this?

The system allows you to (hopefully) build whatever type of content you desire, a little graphic adventure, some cool looking webring, interactive web " buttons ”, or just a virtual hub to show off your work.

¿How did this come to be?

The idea was born while looking for some nice web 1.0 assets on NeoCities i stumbled upon bytemoth (really nice) page , they had a link going to some nice 90' compilation of assets on the iconolog, sadly the links where down, but the page has a really cool "interactive map".
Map based, web page navigation
from where to navigate its contents (i encourage everybody to give it a try !), i started thinking on doing something similar, with the cool interconnected sections, and the nice sprites, but then i remembered the weird but interesting idea of "web towns" i saw on Melonking page.
A webtown, where you can link your friends pages
So, I decided to make a combination of all of these ideas, on one cool little project.

You can learn how to use it or try it now and explore yourself.

Last modified 1yr ago